Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Job Hiring Sources

Here are my main Job Hiring Sources:

  • Manual Internet Search for Jobs
  • I type the positions I want and then adding the company name or a locale that I like to work at on the search bar. Example, Data Encoder + Quezon City. This is my most preferred source of job vacancies. I can do this almost anywhere. Moreover, I can immediately send out e-mail applications.

  • Published Classified Ads over Broadsheets
  • I often buy the Sunday edition of the broadsheet Manila Bulletin. From experience, it provides the most number of classified ads pages over other newspapers. This source entails some cost as I need to shell out 20 pesos to buy a copy. There is also an additional effort needed to scour all the ads and either cut out the ads that I can apply to or write them all down on a piece of paper.

  • Referrals
  • This is the least source I prefer in my job hunt. Historically, I have never been employed from an application to a referred job hiring. Also, with this kind of job hiring source, I feel the added pressure of disappointing the referrer if I fail to land the position they referred me to.

  • Job Boards
  • One example of a job board that I recently checked is at

Perhaps you can help a jobseeker like me by suggesting other job hiring sources.

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