Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My First Job Referral of the Year

Though I am not that fond of job referrals, I politely accepted one made by my elementary Math teacher.

She referred me to her friend, a senior architect in one of the established construction firms in Metro Manila. What would I do in a construction firm? Guess, the desperation of getting out of the house to make decent money silenced my apprehensions a bit.

So, I trudge to Makati and met Sir Rey at one of the project sites of the said construction firm. As it was a referral, the conversation with him was quite informal. Although, I maintained to speak more in English.

This was another career shift in the making so I politely asked for an entry-level position such as a document controller.

I felt that he liked me enough despite my credentials so far away from construction because he endorsed me to the head office where an HR personnel asked me to fill out forms and interviewed me.

She then gave me the usual lip service, the polite way of saying I'm not getting a position when she said that she will call me. I politely thanked her.

As I came out of their office, I sighed and thought of my continuing search for my next job.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Job Hiring: Deal Grocer

I signed up in Deal Grocer, in the hope getting freebies and discount. I never thought it could be source of job hiring info.

Deal Grocer is a membership site that creates limited-time or limited-quantity offers for our members so that they can get a good price for trying an establishment for the first time or get an excellent deal for making frequent visits.

Because I am a member, I frequently receive e-mails from them including a recent one that informed me that Deal Grocer is hiring. They are looking for personnel for software development, design, content, sales, marketing, customer service, logistics, business development, and even talent management.

If you are interested to find a job like me, you can e-mail them too at jobs@dealgrocer.com.

I am not sure but you might need to be a member first yourself ( do so via my referral link here) before you can actually see the job ad.

I hope you remember this blog if you get hired. All the best.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

SSS Condonation Program

The SSS Condonation Program isn't applicable to me, yet. However, I think that I need to put it here in my blog for my future reference and for those who might come across this blog.

The Social Security System (SSS) said employees, self-employed workers and voluntary members with overdue loans can settle their unpaid principal and interest without paying the full amount of penalties under a new amnesty program that would start on April 2.

Read more about from the SSS Website or download a pdf copy here.

I haven't reach the required number of monthly contributions so I am not yet qualified for any kind of loan from SSS. But I need to be aware of things that can benefit me as an employee in the near future.

The SSS Condonation Program is enabled by R.A 9903. This site provided a good explanation about the said law & program.

For those with existing SSS loans, it is your right to inquire if your employer is really remitting the deductions made on your salary. And for those who want to avail of the condonation program, it is best to inquire directly at the SSS branch nearest you.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Job Hiring Sources

Here are my main Job Hiring Sources:

  • Manual Internet Search for Jobs
  • I type the positions I want and then adding the company name or a locale that I like to work at on the search bar. Example, Data Encoder + Quezon City. This is my most preferred source of job vacancies. I can do this almost anywhere. Moreover, I can immediately send out e-mail applications.

  • Published Classified Ads over Broadsheets
  • I often buy the Sunday edition of the broadsheet Manila Bulletin. From experience, it provides the most number of classified ads pages over other newspapers. This source entails some cost as I need to shell out 20 pesos to buy a copy. There is also an additional effort needed to scour all the ads and either cut out the ads that I can apply to or write them all down on a piece of paper.

  • Referrals
  • This is the least source I prefer in my job hunt. Historically, I have never been employed from an application to a referred job hiring. Also, with this kind of job hiring source, I feel the added pressure of disappointing the referrer if I fail to land the position they referred me to.

  • Job Boards
  • One example of a job board that I recently checked is at job.problogger.net

Perhaps you can help a jobseeker like me by suggesting other job hiring sources.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December Distractions

The rest of the month of December proved to be filled with distractions for my job search.

Image from here

First, religious traditions dictate that I oversee the 40th day since the passing away of my surrogate and beloved Nanay Emy.

Next, Christmas preparations proved to be my preoccupations. I was a messenger or delivery guy of sorts for my elder Sister's Christmas giveaways to relatives. I played porter/bearer of my girlfriend Christmas shopping, extending to be an assistant gift-wrapper. No, it isn't a complain. In fact, I am glad doing such things for persons I deeply care.

Right after Christmas is the preparation for New Year's Celebration. I ouand my Kuya Ronnie went to our cousin's place to celebrate the coming 2012. Despite that, I still have to do Ate's instruction in our house. Those usual things to be done in order to have a bountier new year.

Yes, I could have used all those times in my job search. But the air of the holiday season really suck me into it.

I just vow to focus on my job seeking right at the very start of the new year.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Connect with me via LinkedIn

It took longer than what I originally planned but the task I set out to do is finally accomplished.

If you are interested with blogging, SEO, link building and making a career online, then I would really like to connect with you here.

This is a big step for me into shouting out over the internet over my career plans. I also uploaded a copy of my most recent resume here.

Friday, December 2, 2011

LinkedIn Sign Up, Résumé Update & Review

LinkedIn Sign Up

I set today to create my LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. As I am, mainly, looking for a career on the internet, it is a must that I utilize online social networks such as LinkedIn in order to get information about my chosen industry and connect with like-minded individuals.

Résumé Update

Initially, I referred to my old résumé in setting up my LinkedIn profile. But my résumé needs reviewing and updating itself.

So, those were my main tasks this coming weekend.