Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My First Job Referral of the Year

Though I am not that fond of job referrals, I politely accepted one made by my elementary Math teacher.

She referred me to her friend, a senior architect in one of the established construction firms in Metro Manila. What would I do in a construction firm? Guess, the desperation of getting out of the house to make decent money silenced my apprehensions a bit.

So, I trudge to Makati and met Sir Rey at one of the project sites of the said construction firm. As it was a referral, the conversation with him was quite informal. Although, I maintained to speak more in English.

This was another career shift in the making so I politely asked for an entry-level position such as a document controller.

I felt that he liked me enough despite my credentials so far away from construction because he endorsed me to the head office where an HR personnel asked me to fill out forms and interviewed me.

She then gave me the usual lip service, the polite way of saying I'm not getting a position when she said that she will call me. I politely thanked her.

As I came out of their office, I sighed and thought of my continuing search for my next job.

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