Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December Distractions

The rest of the month of December proved to be filled with distractions for my job search.

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First, religious traditions dictate that I oversee the 40th day since the passing away of my surrogate and beloved Nanay Emy.

Next, Christmas preparations proved to be my preoccupations. I was a messenger or delivery guy of sorts for my elder Sister's Christmas giveaways to relatives. I played porter/bearer of my girlfriend Christmas shopping, extending to be an assistant gift-wrapper. No, it isn't a complain. In fact, I am glad doing such things for persons I deeply care.

Right after Christmas is the preparation for New Year's Celebration. I ouand my Kuya Ronnie went to our cousin's place to celebrate the coming 2012. Despite that, I still have to do Ate's instruction in our house. Those usual things to be done in order to have a bountier new year.

Yes, I could have used all those times in my job search. But the air of the holiday season really suck me into it.

I just vow to focus on my job seeking right at the very start of the new year.

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